Current Lab Members

Faculty, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students

Joshua Benoit, PhD

BS, Biochemistry, Wittenberg University

PhD, Entomology, Ohio State University

Research focus: Insect Molecular Physiology

Elise Szuter - PhD Candidate

BS, Biology, Bowling Green State University

Research focus: Microbiome-host interactions and insect diapause with a focus on the northern house mosquito, Culex pipiens

Souvik Chakraborty - PhD Student

MS, Agricultural Entomology, Assam Agricultural University

BS, Agiculture, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

Research focus: Stress biology of mosquitoes

Oluwaseun Ajayi - PhD candidate

MS, Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health, The University of the West Indies

BS, Biology, Federal University of Technology, Akure

Research focus: Sleep and circadian biology of mosquitoes

Chris Holmes - PhD candidate

BS, Biochemistry, University of Mount Union

BS, Neuroscience, University of Mount Union

Research focus: Stress biology of mosquitoes

Samuel T. Bailey - Master's Student

BS, Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Cincinnati

Research focus: Stress biology of thrips

Kennan Oyen - Postdoc

PhD, Ecological Physiology, University of the Wyoming

BS, Biology, University of Alaska

Research focus: Physiology and circadian aspects of ticks

Melissa Kelley - Postdoc

PhD, Biochemistry, University of Cincinnati (2021, anticipated)

BS, Chemistry and Biology, University of Cincinnati

Research focus: RNA biology of mosquitoes

Shyh-Chi Chen - Postdoc

Starting July 2021!

Research focus: Temperature and humidity sensing


Ben Davies

Research focus: tick starvation resistance

Alicia Fieler

Research focus: Tick thermal tolerance

Former Lab Members

Emily Jennings - PhD

BS, Neurobiology, University of Cincinnati

Research focus: Insect Physiology, Reproduction, Epigenetics, and Bioinformatics

Richard Hagan

Research focus: mosquito biology

Denielle Burnett

Research focus: mosquito biology

Luke Bernhardt

Research focus: cockroach biology

David Farrow

Research focus: tick biology

Megan Dunlevy

Research focus: tick biology

Jake Hendershot - Research Assistant

Current - Biostatician, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

LaVeta Burke

Research focus: cockroach reproduction

Andrew Rosendale, PhD - Postdoc

Current - Assistant Professor, Mount St. Joseph University

Gabriela Nine - Research Technician

Research focus: mosquito physiology