Current Lab Members

Faculty, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students

Joshua Benoit, PhD

BS, Biochemistry, Wittenberg University

PhD, Entomology, Ohio State University

Research focus: Insect Molecular Physiology

Emily Jennings - PhD Candidate

BS, Neurobiology, University of Cincinnati

Research focus: Insect Physiology, Reproduction, Epigenetics, and Bioinformatics

Elise Szuter - PhD Candidate

BS, Biology, Bowling Green State University

Research focus: Microbiome-host interactions and insect diapause with a focus on the northern house mosquito, Culex pipiens

Christopher Holmes - PhD Student

BS, Biochemistry, University of Mount Union

BS, Neuroscience, University of Mount Union

Gabriela Nine - Research Technician

Research focus: mosquito physiology


Ben Davies

Research focus: tick starvation resistance

Alicia Fieler

Research focus: Tick thermal tolerance

Former Lab Members

Richard Hagan

Richard earned his BSc. in Biological Sciences at UC, and is now completing his MA in biological anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. In 2017, he will begin work on his PhD from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany.

David Farrow

Research focus: tick biology

Jake Hendershot - Research Assistant

Current - Biostatician, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

LaVeta Burke

Research focus: cockroach reproduction

Andrew Rosendale, PhD - Post-Doc

Current - Assistant Professor, Mount St. Joseph University